Tomb of Baba Tahir

Tomb of Baba Tahir

The Tomb of Baba Tahir Oryan Hamadani is related to the contemporary period and is located in Hamedan, Baba Tahir Square.

Babtafer, who lived around the end of the fourth century and early fifth century AH, is one of the great poets and mystics of his time. Most of his life passed in poverty. He is one of the most famous Do-bayti poets of Iran. Except his do-bayti poems, there are other literary works, including two passage (a style of persian poems), a few sonnet, a collection of Arabic aphorisms, and a book called “Saranjam”.

Tomb of Baba Tahir

Baba Tahir, in the collection of Arabic aphorisms, has expressed his mystical beliefs as a science of knowledge, worship, and excitement, which includes 420 mystical, along with an ending chapters on various subjects.

On the inside of the tomb, 24 do-bayti are carved into 24 beautiful stones and are installed in the lower part of the inner area of tomb.

Tomb of Baba Tahir

Tomb of Baba Tahir is located on a hill in the northwest of Hamedan. Over the course of the ages, this building has witnessed numerous destruction and reconstruction. The tomb of Baba Tahir dates back to the Seljuk period, and in the 6th century A brick octagonal tower was built on the grave of Baba Tahir, which was later destroyed over time. At the time of the first Pahlavi, the Hamadan municipality built a new building instead of an old building, the materials of which were mostly bricks.

Tomb of Baba Tahir

During this rebuilding, the 7th century AH tablet made of tile, which is now kept at the Museum of Ancient Iran, was obtained. The construction of a new building was carried out in the year 1965 with the assistance of Society for the National Heritage of Iran and Municipal Council of Hamadan and by engineer Mohsen Forooghi.

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