Nishapur is a city in Khorasan Razavi province, center of the city of Nishapur and the second largest city of Khorasan provinces after Mashhad. Located on the slopes of the Binalud Highlands in the northeast of Iran, it is one of the most important historical, tourist, and industrial centers for the country and region, and is a symbol of Iranian history and culture.
The population of the city of Nishapur, based on the census of 2011, is 239,185, and its central region, 319, 576, and the whole city, 433, 105 population.

Nishapur        Nishapur

The history of Nishapur dates back to the Sassanid era; rebuilt around the mid-decades of the third century under the command of Shapur I. In 643, by the order of Abdullah Amer, the city was conquered by Islam. From 821 to 873, it was the capital of Taherian, then selected as the first capital of the Seljuk by the order of Tughril.
The scientific area of this city in the Golden Age of Islam is one of the largest centers and homelands of many scholars, poets and other elders, and it is considered one of the largest centers of Islamic civilization and culture, especially in the Seljuk era.

Nishapur        Nishapur

The average stay of tourists in Nishapur is very low and does not significantly affect the development of tourism in this city. Although more than eight million people are passing through Nishapur every year, the tourism industry in the city is incapable.
In Nowruz in 2016, one and a half million people visited Nishapur attractions such as Ghadamgah, Imam Zadeh Mahroogh, Shadiakh, Shah Abbas Caravanserai, the tomb of Khayyam and the tomb of Attar. Due to the proximity of this city to Mashhad, a group of religious tourists also visit Nishapur. About 200,000 non-Iranian tourists visit Nishapur each year, most of them from Arab countries (especially Shia pilgrims).

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