Pardis Mountain

Pardis Mountain

Pardis Mountain (or Padri) is a mountain on the outskirts of the city of Jam, from the province of Bushehr, which lies in the middle of the Siraf to Jam road.

This area, with an altitude of 700 meters above sea level and proximity to the Persian Gulf, has provided a favorable climate for the cultivation of plants and trees. The temperature difference with the Persian Gulf coast, which reaches 10 centigrade in some days of the year, as well as its mild humidity, has made the area as one of the nicest and most pleasant climates of southern Iran.

Pardis Mountain

Researches and studies in this region indicate that in the mountains overlooking the Jam area, there are large split walls in different points with different angles, which the legends and folk narratives of Jam in their local dialect, called them “mirrored leather”. According to the old folks of the Jam area, they found pieces of black glass beneath this “mirrored leather” that strengthened the hypothesis of Jam’s kingdom in the area.
The statues of “Jamshid Jam” and “Adam Cave” near Pardis Mountain are at risk due to the activities of oil and gas companies in Asaluyeh.

Pardis Mountain
Although the history of “The Chaheh” and “The Dareh Palangi” villages, located north of the mountain, is not clear, but there are signs of caveman and the presence of very old fossils in the region.

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