Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Shahrud Cloud Forest is part of the oldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests with rare plant and animal species, one of the most beautiful parts of the city of Shahrud. This forest is located in the city of Shahrud and near the village of Cloud (Shahrud) and is almost the border of Semnan and Golestan provinces.

Cloud Forest           Cloud Forest

The forest with 35,000 hectares extend over the lush green forests of the north of the country, due to the fact that most time of the year, the atmosphere of this forest consist of an ocean of clouds, it is known for its name.

Cloud Forest           Cloud Forest

The high altitude of the forest from the sea level, the low temperature in the heat seasons and the presence of abundant springs and varied forest cover are characteristics of this forest. The rainfall in this area is between 400 to 500 mm and the average maximum temperature is 20 and the minimum temperature is six degrees Celsius. The permanent springs of the area include the Fountain of Allochal, the Ab Shersh and the Waterfall.

Cloud Forest           Cloud Forest
In addition to natural beauty, uncommon features such as the existence of different species of woody plants, along with very rare herbaceous species such as beech, oak, alder, elm, wild cherry, yew, linden and etc. have made these lands like a living museum which attracts domestic and foreign tourists.

Cloud Forest           Cloud Forest

Part of the foreign tourists in the area are botanists who come to Iran to see the rare herbaceous species found in the Hyrcanian forests, and the second group is common tourists who come from Central Asia and the Middle East.

The forestry plan, the rehabilitation and enrichment of the ruined forests, has been in operation since the year 1991, covering an area of ​​11216 hectares of northern slopes.
This forest is the 114th natural phenomenon that was listed by the Cultural Heritage Organization on February 9, 2011 as one of the Natural Heritage of Iran.

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