Marivan is a town in and capital of Marivan county, one of the most important cities in the Kurdistan Province of Iran, located 125 km west of Sanandaj city, the capital of Kurdistan Province.

The historical background of the current city of Marivan is about a century ago. This border town was located in the vicinity of Ottoman state and was constructed as a very strong military castle in 1902 near the Zrebar Lake, by the order of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar.

Marivan          Marivan

A year later, The size of the castle was extended by the orders of Farhad Mirza Motameddoleh, the uncle of Nasir al-Din Shah. Later, all of this facility was destroyed by the insurgency and chaos caused by the Kurd nomadic of region.

In the early days of Pahlavi’s kingdom, the temporal ruler in the village of Musc, built a fortress that became the Shapur Fortress, and today it is used as a garrison, and is not far from the city. In 1957, with the establishment of the municipality, Shapur Fortress was officially renamed Marivan.

Marivan          Marivan

Because of the natural and climatic conditions, culture of people and geographical location, Marivan is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. There are several rivers in this area that play an important role in the attractiveness and formation of the nature of the region. The Marivan sub-rivers eventually form the Sirvan River by joining each other.

Marivan          Marivan

Marivan has climatic characteristics of “Oceanic climate”; however, considering the mountains and heights and deep valleys that have spread throughout the region, as well as the presence of suitable forests and vegetation in the north and south, the existence of “rivers and Zrebar Lake” have led to a variety of different climates in the area. From Sanandaj to Marivan, after Sarwarad, the region has a Humid-Mediterranean climate, and the northern and southern regions of Marivan have mountainous weather. Marivan is one of the most rainy places in Iran, with an annual rainfall of 500-900 mm.

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