Valley of stars

Valley of stars

The valley of stars is related to the Cenozoic Geological Period, about 2 million years old, originate from the erosion of soil, sandstone and ballast caused by wind, rain and storms, is a rare masterpiece of nature in the beautiful island of Qeshm.
The northern side of Qeshm Island, near the village of Berkeh Khalaf, has exhibited its strange geological phenomenon. Locals believe that a star has fallen from the sky and has created odd shapes of soil and rock and sand.
The village of Berkeh Khalaf is located 5 km from the southern coast of the island. In the north of the village is one of the most beautiful erosion phenomena on the island. The inhabitants call this village Estare Kaft.

Valley of stars         Valley of stars

The following is the exact text of the guide board installed in the valley of stars!

“The valley of stars, which the indigenous people call” Setareh Oftadeh “or” Estareh Kafteh “, are among the most beautiful erosion phenomena on Qeshm’s vast island. People believe that after a star collapse in this place and a strike, the soil has risen from the ground and dried up in any shape that has come about. ”

The features and spectacular views of the valley of the stars led to the registration of the valley as a part of Qeshm Island Geo Park as a natural phenomenon in the UNESCO Organization. Qeshm Geo Park is the only geo-park of the Middle East with natural and historical beauty.

Valley of stars         Valley of stars

Due to the weak nature of the layers, it can be expected that there will be tangible changes in the morphology of the valley after any severe rainfall (which rarely happens).

The valley or strait of Chah-kuh, a valley at a depth of 100 meters is another indication of the erosion of sedimentary rocks. Dome and salt caves are located south of Qeshm Island. Inside this salt domes, there are a salt caves. The salt cave No. 3 of Qeshm, with a length of 6000 meters, is the largest salt cave in the world.

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