Karun River

Karun River

Karun River is the most effluent and largest river in Iran. The river was also mentioned in the archaeological writings of Kern, Kernak and Koohrang, and the first human civilizations were formed along this river. The River is 950 km long and is the longest river in Iran, it is also the only navigable river in Iran.

Karun River          Karun River

The drinking water of Ahvaz is supplied from the Karun River. On the margins of this river, great civilizations from Iran have been formed. Karun has other benefits besides providing drinking water and agriculture and electricity generation, which include creating a suitable platform for attracting investors and recreational places as well as the ability to transport goods; because it can be used to transport the country’s merchandise and export goods by using water transport from Ahvaz and even Shushtar to international Khuzestan ports such as Khorramshahr and Abadan.

Karun River          Karun River

The pollution of the Karun is one of the major problems of the River. Khuzestan Water and Power Organization believes that the sugarcane development company and lateral industries are among the main polluters of the Karun River.

Agricultural wastewater is the most important source of contamination in the Karun, which accounts for 48% of the wastewater entering the Karun River. After wastewater from agriculture, urban wastewater with 26% is the second largest pollutant in the Karun River.

Karun River          Karun River

Also, the construction of unauthorized rearing of fish in the branches of the large Karun river, including the rivers of Ermand, Beheshtabad, Kaj, Middle Karun and … in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, affected the environment of this river and has practically endangered its aquatic ecosystem life and biodiversity.

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