Rayen Castle

Rayen Castle

The Rayen Castle or Arg e Rayen is one of the world’s largest adobe buildings. This large monument with an area of more than 22,000 square meters is the second largest adobe building in the world after the Arg e Bam, which hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists annually.

Rayen Castle            Rayen Castle

The Rayen Castle is located in the southwest of the present-day city of Rayen in the Kerman Province. This adobe structure is somewhat similar to the Arg e Bam and is located on the top of a cliff.

The Rayen Castle is one of the most important historical monuments of the Rayen and confirms the existence of the Rayen before Islam. It is said that it dates back to the Sassanid era. There have been more old castles in this area that have been lost due to natural disasters.

Rayen Castle

The castle map is almost square and is decorated with several towers around it. Around the castle is covered by a fence with a height of more than 10 meters. The only entrance to the castle is from the eastern front, which has a large and magnificent façade, head to the inner courtyard.

The Rayen Castle consists of the bazaar, governors’ residence, houses of aristocratic, four warehouses, fire temples and common neighborhoods.

Rayen Castle            Rayen Castle

With a waterfall around the city, the Haraz mountain with 4501 meters of altitude, several fruit gardens, the green and pink marble mines, Sodium Solphate, and several thermal springs, it’s become and attractive touristic destination.

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