Abyaneh is a village in the central district of Natanz county in Isfahan province. This village is located at 40 kilometers northwest to Natanz , at the foot  of Karkas mountain.

Abyaneh is one of the highest residential areas of Iran. Its elevation is 2222 meters above sea level. Relying on its local architecture and diverse monuments, this village is of the famous villages in Iran. Its mild climate causes a very good natural situation. The village registered as one of Iran national works, in registration number of 1089 in Mordad30.

Abyaneh          Abyaneh

The oldest monument of village is a fire-temple which like the other its monuments is located at downhill. Abyaneh fire-temple is known as a kind of Zoroastrian temple that was built in mountain communities.

The other historical site of this village is its central mosque and the oldest monument of this mosque is the wooden carved pulpit, made in 466 Hijrat.

Abyaneh          Abyaneh

The other ancient mosque of Abyaneh is Barzaleh mosque that is very big and capacious and on eastern companion way door is written AH 701, back to Ilkhanis era. Another  ancient mosque is Hajatgah mosque of Aabyane ,built next to a rocky cliff and on its front door is carved the date of AH  952.

Abyaneh          Abyaneh

Abyaneh has a hotel named Abyaneh too. The best seasons to traveling to Abyaneh are springs and summers. Albeit falls and winters still have their special beauty and fans and you could use season tours of Abyaneh hotel.

The best way for visiting this traditional village is to have a good plan to travel it at the best time possible. In recent years, Abyaneh hotel has organized tourism in Abyaneh with online booking plans.

Abyaneh          Abyaneh

Down the village, there is a restraint named Viona.

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