Afif-Abad Garden

Afif-Abad Garden

Afif-Abad Garden or Golshan is one of the historical monuments of Shiraz. The garden is situated in Afif Abad Street, Shiraz, and is now in the hands of the army and is one of the largest Middle Eastern weapons museums.

Afif-Abad Garden is a perfect example of Iranian floriculture art. Garden’s mansion builder is Mirza Ali Mohammad Khan Qavam II, who built it in 1867. This garden is located in one of the reputable regions of Shiraz and complex was built in 1863. The complex contains a former royal palace, a museum of historical weapons and a Persian garden, all available for public visitation.

Afif-Abad Garden         Afif-Abad Garden

Afif-Abad Garden with an area of ​​127,000 square meters is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Shiraz. During the Safavid era, it was one of the most important gardens which was used by kings as a resort. In the Qajar period, Mirza Ali Khan Qavam al-Mulk bought the garden and began renovating it and built a magnificent mansion. At the end of the Qajar era, the garden comes to the hands of Afifa Khanum, the sister-in-law of the owner of garden. She made a great change in this garden and improved it alot, and henceforth the garden is known as Afif-Abad. But the heirs of the garden at the time of Pahlavi gave it to Farah Pahlavi, wife of Mohammad Reza Shah.

Afif-Abad Garden         Afif-Abad Garden

In 1962, the army bought the garden in an auctions. After the Islamic Revolution and with the efforts of the Army of the Islamic Republic, and at the same time as the army day in 1991, the Afif-Abad Garden became the No. 2 Military Museum of the country.

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