Ahvaz city


Ahvaz is one of the metropolises of Iran known as the capital of Khuzestan province. According to the official statistics of 1390, the population of this city is 1,112,021, which is considered as the 7th most populated city in Iran.

Ahvaz city         Ahvaz city

Karun river is the most abundant river in Iran, originates in the Zard-Kuh (Zard Kuh-e Bakhtiari), passes through this city and divides the city into two parts, East and West.

The large part of Khuzestan province is plain and Ahvaz is also located in this section. The extreme lack of vegetation has caused the dryness of Ahvaz, and it has become one of the hottest regions of Iran. In winter, the temperature falls to +5 degrees Celsius, and rises to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Ahvaz city         Ahvaz city

One of the most important tourist attractions of this city are the bridges of Ahvaz. Currently, there are 7 bridges on the Karun river in Ahvaz, the first of these is the Black Bridge, which is dedicated to the passage of the train. The 6th bridge which is the White Bridge (First Bridge-Suspension Bridge) and the 7th bridge, due to their unique architectural style and design create a beautiful city landscape. The last and seventh bridge of Ahwaz, known as the Sixth Bridge or Steel Bridge, was launched in 2007.

Ahvaz city

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