Akhlamad Waterfall

Akhlamad Waterfall

Akhlamad waterfall is one of the waterfalls located in Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran in Chenaran county, 85 km northwest of Mashhad, 15 km from Chenaran to Binalud Mountains and 2 km from Akhlamad village. The waterfall consists of two high cascades next to each other, each of which is 85 meters high.

Akhlamad, dating back to several thousand years, is one of the natural walkways around Mashhad, located in the middle of the Binalud Mountains. At the beginning of the valley, there are beautiful flowers and plants and massive trees alongside numerous gardens.

Akhlamad Waterfall        Akhlamad Waterfall

Following the course, the first cascade which is 23 meters high will be visible. Pass through this waterfall and one kilometer from it, the main Akhlamad waterfall is situated at an altitude of about 85 meters, and the third and fourth cascades are located above these waterfalls.
The waterfall is 85 km from the old village.

The calcareous nature of the Akhlamad Mountains has caused deep circular cavities to appear below this watterfall.

This valley consist of rocky walls with an altitude of 75-85 meters which is one of the largest sites of rock climbing in Iran. Its famous walls include The White, Allah Akbar and Eagle Walls.

Akhlamad Waterfall

The valley has several cascades, of which 85 are permanent and several other are seasonal. The Dam of Akhlamad and Akhlamad Cave are other attractions of this area that attract annually a large group of tourists from Mashhad and other cities to this area to visit the Akhlamad nature and its beautiful waterfalls.

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