Ali-Sadr Cave

Ali-Sadr Cave

Ali-Sadr Cave is one of the largest wetland cave in Iran and the rare water cave in the world, which is located in Hamedan Province.

Ali-Sadr is also the largest cave in the world. The height of the cave is 2100 meters above sea level. There are numerous labyrinthine corridors in the cave area.

Ali-Sadr Cave          Ali-Sadr Cave

A large lake has been created inside the cave by the chain of waters. Hence, the entrance into the depths of the cave is only possible by boat. Ali-Sadr Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Hamedan province.

Ali-Sadr Cave

Geologists believe the rock cave dating back to the Jurassic period, the second period of geology (190-136 million years ago). The region has a semi-arid climate with an average annual rainfall of 300 ml.

The ease of use of the canals inside this cave makes the Ali-Sadr Cave distinct from other water caves in the world. Due to its breadth, it can easily be traversed, and passed through it with the ordinary boats.

Ali-Sadr Cave           Ali-Sadr Cave

According to this report, there are many faults in Ali-Sadr Cave, 3-2 faults per meter. In addition, a numerous of cone holes are observed at intervals of 1-2 meters, which has both features facilitate the rapid penetration of surface water. In addition, the height of water in the Ali-Sadr Cave reaches 14 meters at the deepest point.

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