Arasbaran Area

Arasbaran Area

The Arasbaran biomass, besides being influenced by the Mediterranean, is also in the midst of the effects of the Caspian and Caucasian climates, and due to its high altitude difference, it has a variety of weather and climates. The average annual precipitation in the Kalibur Meteorological Station was 461 mm in a 20-year period. The relatively high rainfall in this area, which is mostly in the form of snow, and its low evaporation, has caused a lot of rivulets originate from these high mountains and enter the Aras River.

Arasbaran Area            Arasbaran Area

From the phytogeography point of view Arasbaran is the location of three different climates of the Caspian, Caucasian and Mediterranean. The appearance and distribution of the vegetation of Arasbaran has a special legal status, so that the southern slopes are basically covered with pasture, and the forest is mainly observed on the northern slopes (between the altitudes of 800 m to about 2200 m), and areas with elevations greater than 2200 m and less than 800 meter are grasslands.

Arasbaran Area            

In the Arasbaran National Park, 220 species of birds, 38 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 48 ​​species of mammals (such as goat, boar, brown bear, wolf, Caracal and Leopard) and 22 species of fish are known. Of the species of native Arasbaran birds, it is possible to mention Partridge, Francolinus and Pheasant, and various types of birds of prey and countless aquantic birds. Maral, an extinct species in the Arasbaran region, has been rehabilitated by the transfer of seven vertices from the Golestan National Park to an area of ​​seven hectare in the Aydalou Research Center. Regardless of hunting, economic, social and cultural attractions of Arasbaran, due to the presence of rare species of plants and animals, its pristine and fragile landscapes and high vulnerability, in the years 1971 and 1973, it was announced first a forbidden area and then a restricted area ,under protection And the monitoring and has recently been promoted to Arasbaran National Park.

Arasbaran Area            Arasbaran Area

Multiple Bungalow villages in mountainous areas, in addition to their natural beauty, provide a good opportunity to observe nomadic culture. Arasbaran’s springs are also among the tourist attractions that have been recently considered.
The huge historical and natural attractions make this region the most privileged tourist destination in western Iran.

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