Ardabil is one of the major cities in Iran and the center of Ardabil province in the northwest of Iran. This city was the center of Azerbaijan before and after Islam.
With the advent of Sheikh Safi al-Din and the Safavid dynasty, Ardabil found a special reputation, as it was a special political, social and cultural place during the time of Timur and during the Safavid kings. Safavid kingdom overthrew many of the chaos that existed in Iran and established a religious government.

Ardabil        Ardabil

According to many experts in history, the formation of government is one of the most important events in Iranian history in this period.
The area of ​​this city is 3810 square kilometers and the general face of Ardabil city is affected by the highlands of Savalan (Sabalan), Talesh and Bazghoosh mountains which these natural factors have caused it to be enclosed. Ardebil is one of the most important regions of Iran, with many historical buildings and natural attractions.

This city is also the center of city of Ardabil.

Ardabil        Ardabil

Ardabil is one of the ancient Iranian cities. The city is located near the Azerbaijani border and is considered one of the coldest cities in Iran, which has many natural attractions. The city is located 219 kilometers from Tabriz and 578 kilometers from Tehran.

Based on the Population and Housing Census in 2016, the population of this city was 529,374 (in 158,627 households).

New findings on the history of Ardabil in the Moradlu district of Ardebil prove the discovery of 40,000 years old in Ardabil. The enclosure includes more than 100 rock formations, each of which will examine the hidden aspects of the way of life and human settlements in this country.

Ardabil         Ardabil

Some experts argue that rock paintings are the oldest works of art left over by humanity, dating back some 40,000 years ago.

Ardabil is the first city in Iran for plumbing drinking water. The history of this plumbing is likely to be focused on the Safavid period. As its effects on existing excavations are available.

The shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din, the grand mosque of Ardabil, and the tomb of Sayyed Amin-al-Din Jabra’il are considered the most important monuments of this city.


Shorabil lake (inside the city), Baliqlou Chai river (inside the city), Neur lake, Fandoglu forest, Fandoglu -Gardaneh Heyran cable car, Alvares ski resort, Baba Dawood Anbaran Stone statues, Sarein Tourist City, Bulaghlar resort and Solan Village are among the attractions of this city.


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