Arg e Bam

Arg e Bam

The Arg e Bam is the largest adobe structure in the world, located near the city of Bam in the Kerman Province of southeastern Iran. On December 25, 2003, the Arg e Bam was almost completely destroyed by the severe earthquake that affected the city of Bam and the suburbs. A few days after the earthquake, Iranian President of the time said that the Arg will be rebuilt.

“Bam and its cultural landscape” is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This huge citadel, located on the Silk Road, was built in the 5th century BC and continued to be used until 1850 AD. It is not clear why it was not used anymore.

Arg e Bam            Arg e Bam

The whole building is a large castle in which the citadel is located in the heart of it, but due to the elegant appearance of the Arg, which is also the highest part of the complex, the entire castle building is called the Arg e Bam.

Arg e Bam

The area of this citadel is nearly 180,000 square meters, surrounded by walls ranging from 6 to 7 meters long and 1815 meters in length. The Arg consists of two separate sections, each of which has its own characteristics. About 67 towers have been scattered throughout the ancient city of Bam.

The design and architecture of the citadel have been studied in various aspects. Due to the current appearance of the citadel, it can be said that the designer or designers had foreseen the final shape of the entire building and the city from the very early stages of the construction. During each of the stages of development, the component was made in a complete form, and each additional section could easily be “sewn” into existing parts.

Arg e Bam            Arg e Bam

The 2003 earthquake in Bam destroyed more than 80 percent of the citadel. As a heritage of global culture, many countries took part in its rebuilding. Japan, Italy and France were among the countries that co-operated from the start.

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