The Arg of Karim Khan

The Arg of Karim Khan

The Arg of Karim Khan is located in downtown Shiraz. This citadel was built during the reign of the Zandieh Dynasty and became known as the Arge Karim Khan, after Karim Khan chose Shiraz as his capital and place of residence.

The Arg of Karim Khan        The Arg of Karim Khan

During the reign of the Pahlavi Dynasty, this place was used as a jail which has been damaged. In 1971, the citadel was transferred to the Department of Art and Culture of the time. This great building is now under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. From a few years ago, the restoration of this building has begun to be used as the great Fars museum.

The Arg of Karim Khan        The Arg of Karim Khan

The Arg of Karim Khan is a combination of two residential and military architectures. The inner part of the citadel is designed with verandahs and painted rooms, fountains and gardens. The three sides of the north, south and west each has a porch and six living rooms on both sides. The eastern side includes private bathrooms and some facilities.

The Arg of Karim Khan consists of four high walls connected by four 14 m round brick towers at a 90-degree angle. The quadruple ramparts, as well as the ditch that had been excavated in the past, played the defensive role of the building. The thickness of the walls is 3 meters at the bases and 12 meters at the top. The height of the towers is 14 meters and is made of bricks.

The Arg of Karim Khan

One of the four towers of this citadel, such as the Pisa Tower, has been tilted and, therefore, is considered as one of the tourist attractions of Shiraz.

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