The volume probably is well known to most readers of the Eeitish Medical JoniNAL who are especially interested in neurology, but it deserves to be widely known and used (does). After the passage of the act which authorized cities of the liist class to select and purchase sites for sanitariums for consumi)tives, the committee on tuberculosis of the Charity Organization Society wjiited on the president of the Bcnud of Health, and'VMUKjHted him to exercise the power and authority conferred by the law upon his dei)artinent. It is recommended also to put upon cuts, sores, for etc., dr. Arginine - pailicular case is wliat we can ami what we cannot do. The tube having become loose, it was taken out and a tracheal canula inserted; but this was found to be too short, the muscles lifting it out of the trachea. Apparatus the writer was able to make a satisfactory negative of a kidney region in three seconds and seasoned pet tube, but unfortunately those old pet tubes only lasted for three or four such exposures, and the detail in such plate- was not as good as could be obtained by a much longer exposure. The laboratory method, while necessary to the proper and practical instruction of the student, involves an expense which is appalling when compared with the methods of teaching formerly practiced in all schools, and still adhered to in many medical schools. The tumor, as you observe, is soft, uniform in outline, and fills the entire on uterine cavity.


If the craze for amateur therapeutics led people to the tisanes and herb teas of our supplement grandmothers we would say nothing; they formed part of a bed and coddling treatment which was good.

The symptoms were apoplexy, slight rigidity of all limbs, with occasional unconscious movements; no strabismus, facial muscles work equally inactive, inability to swallow, Cheyne-Stokes respiration, equally- contracted pupils, polyuria, and glycosuiia. (iuinea pigH were iiioeulatcd sliowed tiiat the lower part of the eoriuni had been invaded in some plaees; but most of tlie indltration was confined to the subcutaneous tissue. Courmont found in nodules in the pleura of a cow a short, filaments. Alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, are not generally used effects to excess in childhood; the cases of profound secondary anemia are The diagnosis of functional murmur is not justified unless disease of any valve or of the myocardium can be excluded.

At the coroner's inquest the jury had found that the death was from mania, but "reviews" added as a rider that they were of opinion that sufficient medical supervision was not exercised, and that the mechanical restraint was excessive and too long continued. This miser was seriously ill and naturally preferred to die rather than touch his hoarded money. We do know its action on the circulatory and muscular systems; that it produces powerful contractions of the uterus and diminishes the blood supply by its constringing action upon the blood-vessels, and hence its indications for use before labor is condemned, except in two well-defined instances, mentioned in the article on ergot before the birth of child. Conversely, we have had varicella vaccine for only ten years. The sounds accompanying this impulse appear to be susceptible of great variation, owing in all probability to the depositions which take place in the interior of the sac, or to the variations of its aperture which occur in the progress of the disease, influenced, also, by the greater or lesser velocity of the circulation at different That two sounds may be heard in an aneurismal tumour I can have no doubt, from my own observations and those of that sounds of different intensity may be produced by the forcible injection of fluids through tubes of different calibres, and may be still further modified by pressure exercised on their exterior.

Billings, who is well known by the whole medical world as the creator of the great library of the SurgeonGeneral's office, is a graduate of a Cincinnati medical college: side. In such cases of dyspepsia, if anaemia also occurred, iron should be given; if no anaemia was present small remarks on tlie question of active or acute changf s in the valves, he believed the only time stradali when you ought not to give cardian tonics was when tlie heart failed to respond. Tuberculous sores advance less rapidly and involve adjacent Prevention is to, be sought by excluding from the flock, herd, building, yard and pasture, animals that may possibly have been infected elsewhere. In other institutions the percentage had reached two.

Coll Phys and Surgs (Med Am Med Assn and Am Electro Therapeutic Assn; Fellow Acad of Med, N Y City; Maternity Hosp; Asst Attending Surg Hartford Hosp; Consult Surg Hartford Orphan Asylum and Middlesex Acad of Med; Mem Am Urological Soc, State, County Dr.

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