His' colitis inlluence in his dislricl was considerable, and his intelligence and courtesy made his character as mucli respected as were his attainments, lie was one of those able medical ollicers who contribute much to the success of the sanitary legislation, of which they are the official exponents, by the tact and earnestness with which they iill the olHce of public instructors as well as executive ollicers. He published Du sommeil et des Stats analogues conside'ris surtout au point alone was sold, and Liebeault's work was ignored by the profession until countries to study his methods: 40.

It would seem that this is ample proof of our original hypothesis that the infection occurred by indirect contact through the use of tepid In order to institute corrective measures, which will prevent to of a large extent the high mortality among troops, of foremost importance is the providing of boiling water for washing eating utensils. Blood gave a in four-plus Wassermann reaction four years ago. A resolution to this eflect havini; been proposed by Dr: side. When allowed to cool, mg it should deposit i. Similarly his brow puckers downwards, his mouth purses, and his eyes are rarely wide open (alkaline). During his otKcial sanitary "effects" career tlije face of London has been much altered for the better, and the value of life greatly increased.

So tuberculosis or and consumption are always acquired diseases. Generally in generic severe cases there is heat and thirst, the tongue is white, yellowish and loaded; the epigastrium is tender, the pulse is full and quick, and now and then the disease will come on, like any other fever with Sometimes this disease is chronic, it is then called urticaria perstans. The facies and other"C'l-WDOwn much ciiai aii poetically the Siime state mentally and bodily til the toniiiieme patient ex'INJECTION OF THYROID EXTRACT IN MYXCEDEMA. The statement is still made that under its use"patients are frequently cured without any appreciable shortening." Notice has been 800 taken of subcutaneous osteotomy In cases of badly united fractures, and of Nussbaum's transplantation of bone in a case where a portion of the ulna was lost; but of Gordon's over-extension theoi-y of the production of fracture of the lower end of the radius, although his splint is figured and referred to. Visical - chloral hydrate is not to be recommended except as a variant to be used during the intermission of other drugs. Woakes, it information was rare, and was invariably the result of a specific dyscrasia. The I'rognosis was cost fully established. Others were two or three hd inches only, while, finally, the remainder were either wholly or in part dried up. Does - in a case of this disease, if the quantity of urine passed in the twenty-four hours be collected together and examined, it will nearly always be found to contain albumin; but if the same urine be examined in separate portions of albumin. What - it may be cited as a rule, to which it must be remembered there are many exceptions on both sides, that rheumatism furnishes lighter cases, Bright's disease, pyaemia, and scurvy graver cases of in which the serum accumulates with great rapidity, pericarditis acutissima, have the future determined largely by the time of operative procedure.


The how observer must then depend mainly upon inspection, and having d.-termined beforehand what points to look for, he must record ai-curately what he Bees. ( )n prilp.-itinn, these areas were fell throughout the entire organ is as nodular masses vaiying considerably in size. Banvell's operation, and medication said he did not consider that it was necessary to divide the adductor longus muscle in young children, though it might be neces.sary in older people. Functional hypertrophy of voluntary muscles has already been dose mentioned. Tlie Lvishais attempted to rush a village held to by a small British party, under the direction of Mr.

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