The Azna Snow Tunnel

The Azna Snow Tunnel

The Azna Snow Tunnel is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Lorestan province in the city of Azna, visited annually by tourists, climbers and nature lovers.

A beautiful valley located in the village of Kamandan of Azna, which forms a mass of snow every year due to the collapse of its formidable avalanches, and a beautiful tunnel emerges after the melting of water in the spring.

The Azna Snow Tunnel

To go to the snow tunnel, you have to go to Oshtorankuh, a mountain range with 13 peaks located five kilometers south of the city of Azna. From this mountain range, there is a way to the flourishing village of Kamandan.

This tunnel is created naturally in the snow and ice of the Oshtorankuh Range in the Kamandan district of Azna. The length of the tunnel is over 800 meters and its height, from the tunnel floor to the ceiling, is 2.5 to 3 meters.

The Azna Snow Tunnel           The Azna Snow Tunnel

To reach this tunnel, it is necessary to go to the village of Kamandan by car, and hiking from there for about two hours. when you arrive to the tunnel, the sound of the melting water of the snow caress the ear, the flowing water, which created a tunnel of 10 meters wide and three meters high below the glaciers; a tunnel extending up the slope of the valley. Although there is a chance of snow tunnel collapse, most tourists take the risk and visit inside of the tunnel.

The best time to visit this beautiful place is spring, summer and early autumn.


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