Babolsar is one of the cities of Mazandaran province, in northern Iran, between the Caspian Sea and the Alborz Mountain Range.

This city is the capital city of Babolsar. The city has 124,332 inhabitants, equivalent to 4.4 percent of the total population of the province.
The city is in a mild warm orbit and its moderate coefficient is temperate. This area, with an average annual temperature of 18.4 ° C, an annual precipitation of 791 mm and 79% of humidity, is one of the best-tempered regions in Iran.


From the topography point of view, all of Babolsar is located in the flat part of the coastal position and there is no uneven topographic complication. It is almost flat and runs along the Alborz Mountains to the Caspian Sea with a gentle slope. The city’s height is 21 meters below the international waters and 7 meters above the sea level of Caspian.

Babolsar Zoo is a private one located on the street of the sea. The zoo, also known as “the Park Vahsh”, consist of animals such as Caracal that is a kind of wild cats, bears, monkeys, 4 lions, camels, four adult wolves, and etc.


One of the most important tourist attractions in Babolsar is the coastal wharf that attracts a large number of travelers every year. Of course, it has no commercial aspect and mainly considered as a tourist destination.

Also, on this pier, rocks are used as a breakwater, which is very glorious. One of the reasons for using these breakwaters is to prevent water penetration in part of the area and the nearby park. One of the remarkable places in Babolsar is its main bridge, which is also known as the metal bridge. This bridge is one of the most important connections between the East and West of Babolsar. The bridge was built by the Germans in 1934.


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