Badab-e surt

Badab-e surt

Badab-e surt is a unique stepped travertine spring located at Orest village of Chardangeh in Sari county.

In 1387, this village registered a second natural heritage of Iran in Iranian National Works List, after Damavand mountain.

Badab-e surt         Badab-e surt

Its world registration, as second saline water spring, was after Ramook Klaleh of Turkey.

This spring is located at 1,840 meters above sea level and is unique in Iran. Badab e surt is surrounded by wild barberry bushes and at higher altitude it is covered by needle leaves jungles.

Badab-e surt         Badab-e surt

This Badab comprises of several springs with completely different water in term of taste, smell and volume.

The first spring with the most volume contains very salty water and a pool with 15 meters in diameter and is very deep.

Second spring , located at superior and northwest of the first one, has a sour taste and is orange. This is because of iron sediments around the spring. After many years, mineral and sedimentary water flows of these springs, on their downhill of mountainside, made hundreds of terraces and tens of stepped pools, with orange, yellow and red colors and different sizes.

Badab-e surt

These terraces and pools are the main attractions and unique features of Badab e surt. The beauty of these terraces, special place of locating this spring, near the mountainside its surrounding landscapes, special in sundown are marvelous.

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