Baft is one of the oldest parts of Kerman province. The city is located in the southwest of the province and its center is Baft city, and it is 156 km from the Kerman metropolitan area.

The old name of this city is Gelumat, one of the Sassanian kings gave this county as a gift to one of his descendants. It is said that the area was located next to the famous Tepe Yahya, which had a temperate climate. The current city of Baft is 1200 years old, but some part of it date back to 5,000 BC.


Regional texture is Mountainous and cold. A number of habitant of this city have migrated from Fars province over the past millennium.

The population of this city in 2006, before the separation of the cities of Rabor and Arzuiyeh, was 145,014. This city also included the cities of Rabor and Arzuiyeh till 2009. According to the census in 2011, the current population of Baft is around 75,940.

Baft City is designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the 70 healthy cities in Iran and one of the thousands of healthy cities in the world.


The height of the Baft city from the sea level is 2,280 meters, which reaches 2315 meters above sea level in some parts of the city. Baft is one of the highlands of Iran and also is considered as the highest city of Iran among cities with population over 25 thousand.

The main product of this city is Walnut, which is exported to other provinces of the country.


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