Bagh-e Eram

Bagh-e Eram

Bagh-e Eram is one of the Iranian historical garden located in Shiraz city and consists of some historical buildings and botanical garden.

Central mansion’s considered as the core of the Bagh-e Eram. This construction has been built during Qajar era and imitated Zandiyeh architecture style. In terms of architecture, painting, tiling and plaster, this mansion is one of the masterpieces of Qajar era architecture.

This mansion consist of three floors whit a lot of decorations. The rooms of the lowest floor which almost located underground, are suitable to relax on  the warm days of summer. Colorful tiling has been applied as the decoration of these rooms. Two toping floors have pillars inspired from Takht-e-Jamshid.

Bagh-e Eram

In the forehead, there are two semi-circles on both sides, and a large panel in the middle which consists of 3 crests. This panel shows pictures of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and the battle of the Qajar kings. For over seventy years, this building has belonged to Qashqai Khans, which was confiscated during the Pahlavi era.

The most interesting part of the Bagh-e Eram is the street that is built from the east to the west in the middle of the garden, and there are the cedar trees on both sides of it , and has a special beauty. Among the cedar trees of this street, there is a high cedar tree that attracts attention and, due to its harmony, calls it Sarvenaz. There is no other cedar tree Like Sarvenaz in other Shiraz gardens. The courtyard of the garden is decorated with ornamental trees, cedar and orange trees and various decorative flowers.

Bagh-e Eram

The mirror decoration of chamber of mirror and interesting oil painting of ceiling of the rooms and porches were restored. The garden’s area that had been turned into ruins were repaired and restored with its original design. The major part of facade tiling that had collapsed were reinstalled with the same original style.

Bagh-e Eram

The tiling of the head is limited to several inscriptions and several pieces of tile, but in terms of the form of the building, it is considered unique, on top and on forehead, an inscription were placed on the Nastaliq line on the mosaic tile.

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