Bampour Castle

Bampour Castle

Bampour Castle is one of the most important military castles in Asia, located 24 km west of Iranshahr, in Bampur district and one km north of Bampur city, on a high artificial hill with an altitude of 80-meter. The best time to visit is the fall and winter seasons.

Bampour Castle            Bampour Castle

In some local myths, Bampur is considered to be Bahman (son of Esfandiar) which at first was Bahmanpour and has become Bempour over time. Also, according to the comment of many Iranian scholars and according to the historical books, this place was called Ben Pahl, which means the last city, which has been renamed to Ben Fahl, Ben Ful, Benfoor, Benpour, and Bompour over time. Farsi speakers now call it Bampour.

Bampour Castle             Bampour Castle

This castle, the most famous castle in Balochistan, has long been the center of the Kerman and Balochistan government. According to archaeologists, its dating back to the Sassanid and Parthian periods. Although the people of Balochistan believe that the castle was built by Nadir Shah Afshar, in addition to Nader allowed the construction of a fortress in the Bampur region to Nasir Khan Brahui, but the castle of Bampur structure is much older. In 1960, British paleontologist Mrs. Beatrice explored a part of the downhill of the mount below the Bampour Castle, and found monuments from the early days of history.

Bampour Castle              Bampour Castle

The castle is made up of two sections, which are not the same in terms of height. The courtyard is located at the entrance to the eastern wall of the castle and surrounded by several towers, where the materials used are brick and mud.

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