Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is the capital of Hormozgan province in southern Iran. The city is located in the central part of Bandar Abbas, and Bandar Gombroon was one of ts former names.

This region is Iran’s largest port, with a very high cargo transit through Shahid Rajaee and Bahonar ports. The distance between the city to Tehran is 1333 km. The city’s population varies in different seasons. Due to its particular conditions, this region always attracts many guests from all parts of Iran.

Bandar Abbas         Bandar Abbas

The city of Bandar Abbas, located south of Hormozgan province, leads northwards to highlands and mountains and south to sea, so the general slope of the city is in the north-south direction.

The closest city to Bandar Abbas is Qeshm (center of Qeshm Island) with an approximate distance of 28 km.

The climate of this city is warm and humid. Generally, in Bandar Abbas, from November to April, the climate is pleasant, May and June are dry and from July to October it is damp. Bandar Abbas air temperature reaches 52 degrees Celsius in the warmest days and reaches 2 degrees Celsius in the coldest days. The annual average rainfall of Bandar Abbas is about 200 mm.

Bandar Abbas         Bandar Abbas

The population of Bandar Abbas can not be precisely quantified as it is composed of natives and immigrants, and the number of immigrants varies according to the seasons, but according to the census of 2011, the population of the city of Bandar Abbas is 435,751.

Bandar Abbas has an international airport. Bandar Abbas International Airport is also a member of IATA due to the region in which it is present and it has many flights. The international flights to the Persian Gulf countries, Pakistan and India take place.

Bandar Abbas

Mount Genou, the Siyahoo village, the hot water springs of Genou, Khorgoo, Sorkha, Kashkooiyeh, Nian, the Chestaneh hot water spring, the mountain of Zerto, the hill of Chah Lord, Ghadhar,, Sorkha Cave and etc. are among the attractions of Banda Abbas.

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