Bandar Kangan

Bandar Kangan

Bandar Kangan is a city center of Kangan County which is one of the cities of Bushehr Province in southern Iran. From east and northeast it’s enclosed to Jam city, northwest to city of Dir, south to Assaluyeh  city and from west to Persian Gulf.
Kangan Harbor is located 25 km from the Bandar Siraf (ancient Iranian city) and is named after the Safavid in historical writings.

Bandar Kangan          Bandar Siraf

According to the latest census of population and housing in 2011, the population of the Kangan region was 170,774, of which 105,190 were in the central part and 65, 584 were in the district of Assaluyeh. In January 2012, with the abstraction of the Assaluyeh section of the Kangan city and its independence in the form of the city of Assaluyeh, according to the population estimates of the former central district in the year 90, the population of the city of Kangan is 105,190.

Bandar Kangan          Bandar Kangan

The city of Kangan has ancient history, due to its ancient historical ports, such as the ancient Bandar Siraf. The Coastal area of the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea have long been a destination for diverse travelers from Asia and Africa to trade, travel, and politics. The profession of men of the Kangan region at that time was fisherman and sailor, due to its geographical location.

Bandar Siraf          Bandar Siraf

Today, the Kangan city is a major part of the South Pars project. Kganan site, 2 times bigger than Assaluyeh (South Pars), is located 10 km from Kangan Port.

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