Bandar Siraf

Bandar Siraf

Bandar Siraf , an ancient city located in the central part of Kangan city in Bushehr province, is one of the historical monuments and landmarks of Bushehr province in southern Iran.
Siraf is one of the oldest ports in Iran, which once had a great affluence.

Bandar Siraf           Bandar Siraf

The ancient Siraf city has a special architecture that is very similar to the Masuleh village in the north of the country, a port that had more than 300,000 inhabitants at that time and due to religious freedom in this international port, followers of various religions such as Zoroastrians, Christians, Manichaeism, Jews, Buddhists and relatives such as Romans, Greeks, and Chinese lived in this port. The remaining cemeteries of followers of various religions in this ancient city indicate the religious freedom of this Iranian port.

Bandar Siraf          Bandar Siraf

Siraf was the most prosperous port of the country, with a large trade relationship with Rome and Greece in Europe, Madagascar in Africa and the Canton of China in Asia during the Sasanian and Islamic periods. The remaining pottery with various designs, fabrics and jewelry, gypsum architecture, decorated rooms with artworks and two-three floor buildings are part of the legacy of that civilization. However, the deadly seven-day earthquake of 367 AH resulted in the complete burial of the port. Therefore, Siraf is called Pumpish of Iran.

Bandar Siraf          Bandar Siraf

Siraf has not yet been registered on the list of national heritage sites of Iran. This is needed so that it will be preserved and maintained in the future.

Bandar Siraf          Bandar Siraf

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