Bardsir is one of the cities of Kerman Province and the capital of Bardsir county. This city is located 65 km from Kerman. According to the census of the Iranian Statistical Center in 2011, the population of the city was 31,870. The climate of the city is temperate. It has mild and cool summers and snowy winters. Bardsir height from the sea level in the city center is 2,444 meters.


Bardsir, also referred to as Mashiz, has a significant historical background and dates back to the Sassanid era. This area is one of the first places in which social life has been formed. The best reason for this claim is the existence of many monuments such as: Pir Jarsuz, Negar Tower, the historic tower of the castle Arg e Bardsir, Tel Iblis and etc.

The research conducted by Harvard University professors over the past 40 years shows that there were people living in this country who achieved the copper smelting industry for more than 5000 years ago.

Bardsir            Bardsir

Also, the presence of the common pottery in this region with pottery of the regions of Mesopotamia, Syria and India indicates the connection between these regions and their civilizations and the antiquity of Bardsir.

In the Seljuk period, the library of the city had 5000 books and several hospitals and schools, which is the best reason for the magnitude and extent of the city which unfortunately was destroyed during the Mongol invasion.

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