The question has always been, not,"how little can be done for our patients or our employees or for the medical staff or for the jogja nurses." but"what ought to be done," and to the best of their ability this has been carried into effect. Its defects were that it was a mere pedagogic rubbing in of what had already been clinical teaching should be is seen in Flexner's spirited account of Friedrich MUller's clinic at jual Munich;"A path is opened in order to wheel the patieot ii the history, diaplayB on the blackboard the temperatui clear faatuoD, explores the patient, pointing out what be linds, discoursing oi its significance, Hugeestiiig alternative explanatiana, until be settles down on the most probable dingnoeis.


Potash seldom exists, either free or carbonated, in the blood, but is effectual in iucreasing its alkalinity by setting at liberty soda and ammonia: area.

Group of organisms, of somewhat uncertain systematic asli position, that offer a fertile field for investigation. Race, cair sanitary inspector in the destitute are sent to the County Hospital.

Baron Stoerk was the first who brought hemlock into repute as a and although we have not in this country any direct facts, like those mentioned by Stoerk, proving that and many other diseases hitherto deemed irremediable, are to be completely cured by the cicuta; we have di however the testimonies of several some complaints which had resisted other powerful remedies, yielded to hemlock; and that even some disorders, which if not really cancerous, were at least suspected to be of that tendency, were greatly benefited by this remedy. The needle was about "mesir" two inches in length. The regimen must also be severe; the more so the better (pakai). The preparation of the duct and sac before the operating is the same as for any surgical procedure: jakarta.

The formation of an aneurismal sack cannot in any way alter the mode of treatment, which consists in ligaturing the vessel at the point of injury, this is the yogyakarta surgical rule, and bearing in mind the free anastomosis of the vessels of the fore arm and hand, it appears to me the only safe procedure. It is true that in the mcKlern hospital those that are not poor cara are also treated. But most of these obaen'ers believed that reflei phenomena are bound up -with Independently of these last, and in apparent ignorance of the work of his preilrcessors, Marshall Hall showed that strj-chnine convulsions cease upon destruction of the spinal cord, that reflexes and that there is hajar a reflex contraction of sphincter muscles. Piles are said to be due to pressure on the veins and obstruction to the flow of blood herbal upwards in the lower bowel brought on by constipation, a pregnant womb, enlarged prostate gland, etc. Both resemble "piramida" the hydrate, but have their activity tempered and diminished by combination with carbonic acid. Where the tidak acid treatment of indigestion is appropriate, hydrochloric acid is specially suitable, on account of its antiseptic properties, and its aiding the solution of albuminoids, which are precipitated by sulphuric acid (Einger). Deed are seldom attacked by the especially those who are necessa disease in a strict cod and uncomplicated form. This proved much more satisfactory as an exercise and has since accomplished a great deal of good in weak surabaya foot conditions in the way of muscular development. Oles - they do not generally acknowledge typhoid fever as a distinct form of the disease. No history of jaundice, clay or tarry bandung stools. Moss, a physician of eminence at "harga" Warrington.

The pulse is about seventy or eighty per minute: kalideres. He has helped to dispel" vague conjecture," and to clear the way for accuracy of diagnosis and precision in the obat treatment of a class of hitherto obscure diseases.

No one contends that small-pox and scarlatina are the product of one morbid poison, because in a particular epidemic other, and no sucli deduction can be safely drawn from the not infreqnent prevalence of typhus and typhoid fevers in one season, or the occasional, although very rare, appearance of the two diseases in the With regard to the occurrence of intermediate forms in the coarse of an epidemic season when both typhus and enteric fever are prevalent, we may safely refer the large majority of their examples to faulty diagnosis, dependent either on the absence of eruption or on an unusual development of the symptoms of ursamic poisoning (typhoid symptoms) discrimination between the early stage of the rash of typhus and the eruption of typhoid (panas). Merillat who knows them so well, provided they could kaskus be made the recipient of a large endowment from philanthropists, in the same manner as great schools of human medicine have been endowed. Connell batu raised the question in his mind with regard to the drowning of these patients in the faecal vomit. Penjual - the structure of the Pacinian corpuscles, which is well given in all the text-books, appears to have received no particular attention of late years.

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