Birds Garden of Isfahan

Birds Garden of Isfahan

Birds Garden of Isfahan was established by Isfahan municipality in the 1990s, located 4 km west of Vahid Bridge on the Zayandeh Rud border and at the end of the Nazhvan Natural Park in Isfahan, and is now under the supervision of the recreation and welfare organization of Isfahan Municipality.

Birds Garden of Isfahan           Birds Garden of Isfahan

The birds garden area is 17,000 square meters and is enclosed and covered by a chain-link fence that is pitched on 11 metal columns with the height of at most 22 meters. There are more than 5000 bird from 130 different species in this garden. The birds belong to the different parts of Iran and also other countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China and Tanzania. Various spaces are provided depending on the natural environmental conditions of the birds in this garden, some of which are as follows:


  • Pond for Wading birds like Ducks, Flamingos and Pelicans.
  • Glass cages with special features like greenhouses for birds like Parrots or Budgerigar that cannot survive the winters of Isfahan.
  • Metallic cages for hunter birds such as Eagles, Owls and Hawks, which are not allowed to fly freely in the garden due to their type of nutrition.
  • Rocky terrain for birds of rocky and desert areas such as Partridges, See-See Partridges and Quails.
  • A flourishing and sylvan area for forest birds such as Peafowls and Ring-Necked Pheasants.

Birds Garden of Isfahan


In addition to recreational attractions, Birds Garden of Isfahan also has scientific and research training units. The specialized units in the Birds Garden of Isfahan are:

  • Reproduction unit
  • Nutrition unit
  • Clinic and Health Unit
  • Quarantine unit
  • Taxidermy unit

Birds Garden of Isfahan           Birds Garden of Isfahan

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