Borazjan is a city and the capital of Dashtestan county in Bushehr Province, Iran.
In terms of population, this city is the second largest city in the province of Bushehr. It is 65 km north-east of Bandar Bushehr, and is located on the Shiraz-Kazerun-Bushehr path, at a height of 80 meters above sea level.
This region was one of the centers of civilization during the Achaemenid period. The remains of the Cyrus Palace were found in Borazjan.

Around this place, appealing landscapes of the palm trees is visible. These grooves are the most densely grooves of the country. The Fort is also the largest monument of Bushehr province.

According to the official census of 2011, the city with a population of 95,449 people, is the second most populous city in the Bushehr province. Its population in 2006 was 92, 221 people.

Borazjan         Borazjan

The largest increase in the population of the city was between 1977 and 1987, from 31,611 to 67,052. The increase in the population of Borazjan was due to the migration of villagers to the city. Also, during the war, a number of Khuzestan inhabitant came to this region. Bushehr province has the highest population growth rate in the country.

The monuments of Borazjan include the Winter Palace of Cyrus (Charkhab), Borazjan Fortress, and Tol Mor. Also, Dalaki Caravanserai, Forty Houses of Sa’ad Abad and the Old and Covered Bazar of Borazjan are among the historical monuments of Dashtestan.

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