Borujerd, center of the city of Borujerd, is the second largest city in Lorestan province and the 29th most populous city in Iran.


The city is located in the north of Silakhor Plain and Garrin Mountain of Zagros mountain range have encompassed it from northwest to southeast. Borujerd has been a special contact point since the distant past, also nowadays, the location of this city over the Tehransouth highway is one of the factors that make it one of the flourishing economic prospects.

Borujerd was one of the two cities of Mah Nahavand from the Pahleh area of ​​Media region at the late of the Sassanid era. The population of Boroujerd city, according to the census of the Iranian Statistical Center in 2011, has been reported 240,654.

Borujerd          Borujerd

Due to the activities of various computer animation companies in this city, Borujerd has been selected as the “Iranian animation capital” since 2010. Thanks to the large number of industrial and manufacturing units and their supply of products in the domestic and foreign markets, Borujerd is considered the industrial hub of Lorestan province.

Borujerd has a cool, mountainous climate with a snowy and cold winter and mild summers. The number of freezing days in some parts of the area reaches more than 70 days. Over the past 40 years, Borujerd’s frosty days have been 100 days.


The highest temperature in the summer is 38 degrees and the lowest in winter is 18 degrees below zero, which in some years has reached 35 degrees below zero. Annual rainfall in Borujerd is about 500 mm, which one quarter of that happens in spring and an average annual temperature is 14.6 °.

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