Borujerdis House

Borujerdis House

Borujerdis House is one of the historical monuments of Kashan. This building is located in the Sultan Mirahmad neighborhood, and it was built in the second half of the 19th century and during the Qajar period.

There are the beautiful symmetrical crescent-shaped windcatchers on top of the Audience Hall and The Kiosk, these windcatcher represent one of the most beautiful Iranian architectural sights.

Borujerdis House           Borujerdis House

The valuable paintings and stucco works of this house were done by Sani ol molk, the great painter of Iran and Kamal-ol-molk’s uncle. The owner of this house, Haj Seyyed Mehdi Natanzi, was a merchant of Natanz resident of Kashan and the building’s architect was Professor Ali Maryam Kashani. He became known as Boroujerdi due to many trips he had to Boroujerd. He fell in love with the daughter of Seyyed Ja’far Tabataba’i, one of the biggest carpet merchants of that time. Tabataba’i makes a condition for Boroujerdi’s marriage to his daughter.

Borujerdis House           Borujerdis House

He was living in a very beautiful home which is now known as the Tabatabai’s house, and told Boroujerdi “you have to build a house like mine, so that I give permission to you to marry my daughter”. Boroujerdi accepted this condition and after 7 years of building the Indoor courtyard, he settled in the house and after 11 years the main hall was completed. Boroujerdi’s house is now the location of the cultural heritage of Kashan.

Borujerdis House           Borujerdis House

Nowadays, Borujerdis House is the building of Cultural Heritage of Kashan, and terms of popularity of tourist attraction was announced as the premier choice of UNESCO in 2015 and 2016.

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