Bushehr, a port city and the capital of Bushehr province, is located in the southwestern provinces of Iran. The city’s population in 2016 was 300,352.

Bushehr is a peninsular port in the central part of Bushehr which is bounded to the Persian Gulf by north, west and south. The port is located at an altitude of 18 meters above sea level and in the coastal area of the Persian Gulf and has a semi-desert climate.

Bushehr          Bushehr

Most people in Bushehr speak Persian in local accents. The present port of Bushehr was revived by Nader Shah Afshar in 1736. The name of this place was Rishahr before. Bushehr port has flourished due to factors such as fishing, the existence of a nuclear power plant, shipbuilding and exports.

Bushehr          Bushehr

The reason for the establishment of this city was because Nader Shah wanted to build a port in the south and also set up a naval force. The port was so thriving that it was considered as a major rival for the Basra port. Bushehr port was one of the first centers of the lithography industry, and later it was leading in the ice industry and electricity.

The people of this city were the first Iranian people to be acquainted with publications and magazines. Among the first publications of Bushehr are the Mozafari newspapers, Khalije Iran and the Nedaye Jonoob.

Bushehr          Bushehr

City landscape is a mixture of white, yellow and brown colors. The city of Bushehr lost its prosperity about seventy years ago, after the First World War, and the needed materials supplied from Africa and India were less accessible and the main inhabitants of the city began to leave and migrate to other parts of the country. Have. After the Second World War, the issue intensified, and after the Islamic Revolution, with the destruction of more than a quarter of the tissue by the port authority, the rising trend of this migration and destruction has multiplied and now is half-ruined.



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