chak chak

Chak Chak

chak chak

Chak Chak is one of the important shrines of Zoroastrians in Iran. This shrine, which Zoroastrians call it Pir-e Sabz (the green Pir), is located in the mountains of Ardakan and Anjireh, Ardakan County in the Yazd province.

Every year from June 14th for four days, zoroastrians gather and pray in this shrine. Every year, Mehregan celebration is celebrated in this shrine and many Zoroastrians gather in this place.

The name ” Chak Chak ” is taken from the sound of water drops which falls from a rock and now it is guided into a container.

The Place of worship (temple) of Pir-e Sabz have some amenities which called Khayleh, these

chak chakKhaylehs include the electricity, drinking water and some rooms for rest.

There is a well with a depth below 50 meters inside of the one room. According to Zoroastrianism, at the time of the Muslim invasion to Iran, which led to the fall of the Sassanid king (Yazdgerd), Nick Banu, daughter of the king, escaped from the muslims and she came to Ardakan and hided between the mountain and d

isappeared, and this place was taken as a Zoroastrian shrine, that is why this place became as a Zoroastrian shrine.

Gohar Bannu (Pearl) who was her handmaid is also buried in a few kilometers away, this place is known as Pir Harisht.


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