Chalus is one of the old towns of Mazandaran province, located on the middle plain of the coast of the Caspian Sea. The language of the people is Mazandarani and Gilaki.

In the distant past, The name of this city was Salus or Shalos, and there were also two other small towns, Kebrai and Kecheh, around it. Some geologists say that Chalus was one of the villages of Tabaristan. In 1931, with the backing of the government, it slowly became an organized city and today has become a beautiful city with many facilities for tourism.

Chalus         Chalus

Some of its historical monuments include:

Chaikhoran Palace

This palace, which is one of the buildings of the first Pahlavi period, is located south of the Chalous’s Moalem square and in a district called the palace area And now it is used as the location of the Chalus Cultural Heritage Office. The building has been erected in an area of approximately 4,000 square meters in one floor and an underground.


Forest park of Namakabrud

This park’s total area is more than 200 hectares, and like other forest parks, it has a huge collection of trees. The antiquity of its Various species of Shemshad herbs have been estimated over 700 years. An unspoiled wildlife of Namakabrud’ forest park, while preserving ecological systems, is considered one of the most beautiful forest parks in the world.


The pavement path

This way is referred to as Naser al-Din Shahi’s way. It is 3 meters wide and consists of stones arranged side by side, and now it is possible to see this way in some parts of the southern city of Chalus, such as Sineva and Mazi Poshteh. It seems that this way is used to connect Chalous to Shemiran’s Manzariyeh.

From the natural attractions and tourism of Chalus, the following can be mentioned:


The Chalous River and the Sard Abrood and the beautiful shores of the two rivers are the perfect spot for spending time.


The Sea Blvd. and its Coastal Recreation Center in Chalous.


The Abbasabad Forest Road to Kelardasht, the famous Kandovan Road and its spectacular points of interest, such as the Siah Bisheh Village, Gardaneh Hezar Cham and etc.

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