Chehel Sotoun Palace

Chehel Sotoun Palace

Chehel Sotoun Palace is one of the historical monuments of Isfahan. The area of this palace is 67,000 square meters. The palace was built by Shah Abbas I, and a building was built in the middle of this region.chehel sotoun

Shah Abbas I built a pavilion in the middle of the garden, which formed the core of this palace. The middle hall organized the Chehel Sotoun Palace and the four-corner booths. During the reign of Shah Abbas II, the building was completed, and in the central building several changes has been made.

A few buildings have been added to the main building, such as the Mirror Hall, the Hall of 20 columns, two northern and southern large rooms in the Mirror Hall, the iwans beside the King Hall, a large pond in front of the hall, and also all the decorations such as the painting and mirrorwork and the tilework of the walls and ceiling.

chehel sotoun

The central Hall which is dedicated to foreign guests and politicians contains the paintings of historical events of different periods. This splendid hall, which is based on a painted-dome, is characterized as a masterpiece of that era by colorful lachakis and golden transparent designs.

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