Chenaran is the center of Chenaran county and is one of the cities of Khorasan Province, located 50 kilometers northwest of Mashhad, and 45 km northwest of Shandiz city. It is a tourist city, situated under the bridge called shiny bridge.

Chenaran         Chenaran

Modern Chenaran was formed in the 1950s after the Chenaran sugar factory was built. Prior to that, the Chenaran area was known as Radkan. Radkan, one of the oldest Tuscany villages, is today part of Chenaran. The name of this city is taken from two large plantain trees that were at the entrance of the village of Haj Nasir (now is the name of a district in the city).

Chenaran         Chenaran

Chenaran weather is warm in the summer and cold in winter. Also, its weather in the spring is often very rainy with extreme wind. Due to the relatively close distance to Mashhad, it is known as a countryside of Mashhad.

The diversity of ethnics in this city includes Kurds, Fars, Turks, and Khavari, which most of them are Fars and Kurds. Based on the general census of population and housing in 2016, the population of this city was 53,879 people (15, 609 households).

Chenaran         Chenaran

Akhlamad waterfall and mil Radkan, which are left from the Samanid period, are among the monuments of this city. Golmakan Green Springs is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

The main agricultural products of this city are apple, wheat, beet, tomatoe and corn. The industrial city of Chenaran, located on the southern side of the city, is one of the industrial hubs of Khorasan Razavi Province, and has a large number of factories, most of which are food products and packaged industries.

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