Cheshmeh Ali

Cheshmeh Ali

 Cheshmeh Ali is one of the most important attractions in the city of Damghan in Iran. The Cheshmeh Ali complex, which was an enclosed space for the summer holiday of the Qajar kings. This complex consists of two sections of Gharavol Khaneh and the structure inside of the water. The lateness of the structures within the complex dates back to the Safavid era, but its recreational usage was more in the Qajar era.

Cheshmeh Ali

On the two sides of the structure inside the water, there is a pool that was the sitting area of Qajar kings. The complex also has a bath and a mosque that have already been destroyed. Cheshmeh Ali Damghan is one of the most charming scenic Summer Terrain in Iran. In the past, they called this spring “Thousandfold” or “Ali Bolagh”.

Cheshmeh Ali           Cheshmeh Ali

Presently, Cheshmeh Ali Management is by the Kalateh Rudbar municipality, which has been able to attract many visitors from different parts of the country and even abroad, with appropriate management and workforce. The complex has amenities such as suites and cottages for travelers to rest, parking lots, hypermarkets, ice cream shop (one of Damghan’s most famous ice cream shops), local costumes, traditional restaurant, traditional tea shop, amusement park, bookstore and etc .

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