Chogha Mish

Chogha Mish

Chogha Mish is a prehistoric city dating back to the 34th century BC, located in the Khuzestan Province. Chogha Mish is the initial center in Iran, where the script and book first appeared there. The existence of such ancient hills in the city of Dezful has made it known as a city of the dawn of history.

Around the Zagros Mountains and the northern border of Susa (40 kilometers south-east of Dezful), the hills between the Dez and Karun River are composed of a large and relatively high hill and several small hills. These hills were once covered with many broken jugs that, after the first study it became clear that they are from the pre-writing era.

Chogha Mish

Excavations were conducted at Chogha Mish between 1961 and 1978, for a total of 11 seasons by the Oriental Institute, under the direction of Pinhas Delougaz and Helene Kantor.

The American archaeologist Helene Kantor spoke about the explorations of Chogha Mish at the Museum of Ancient Iran and in 1973 delivered a lecture entitled “A Town at the dawn of history,” in which she pointed out:

“In this hill, the fact lies that from the seventh millennium BC to the full blossoming of the civilization of Susa, cultures in this region were endlessly succeeded each other. From the base to the top of this hill there are 15 layers on each other. On the golden soil, there are traces of culture, civilization from 9,000 years ago. How did these people live? You cannot say that they were Elamite. The people of this small town, from 7,000 BC, were livelihood through agriculture and animal husbandry.”

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