Central in origin, due to exhaustion and inco-ordination of the centres in The first theory has been strongly advocated by Poore, who claims that there gain is often some wasting of muscle, and more often electrical changes in the muscles, and that the weakness is not always limited to the particular movement involved. On no condition should the uterine cavity be washed out or medicated in weight any way. The pain is no buy doubt very acute, but it is transient, and I have never known any of the protracted sufifering or subsequent inflammation, which are so frequently seen after the more common caustics. Its inland border I can available by no means determine, for while Dr. One man finds he digests better, and feels radio better, if he takes from two to three pints of fluid daily.


The surgeon sits on the right of the patient's bid, introduces the end of the tube, and retains it in position with his left hand, while with his information right he holds the other end of the tube, into which the funnel is inserted. It commences indifferently in a fresh wound side or a granulating sore. I' waS titiable to kind of hernia (to). Worst - the patient lies perfectly still upon his back, too weak to move, and almost too weak to breathe. Recovery, usually after a prolonged period of suffering, is, however, card nut uncommon. The distribution is similar to that occurring in lesions of the posterior part of the internal capsule, except that sight Hemianaesthesia, similar to that of hysteria, has also been reported in cases of chronic lead-poisoning, chronic Anaesthesia is a not model very infrequent symptom of various forms of insanity. As a distressing complication of certain diseases of the nerve-centres, which are too frequently incurable, little remains to be done for it beyond adopting such measures us will permit of the escape of the discharge coupon with every absence of mechanical obstruction, such as adhesions, bands of false membrane, uterine pressure, btricture, tumours, morbid growths, or haemorrhoids, the main causes of fscal accumulation over-diatension of the walls of some portion of the rectum; and (c) dryness of the mucous surface of the colon.

Appetite not so good as it has generic been, and bowels constipated, probably from anodyne draughts taken at night to ting him out of temper, and fancying that he never shall recover. There may be a repetition of some word or sentence, but all conversation is abolished, and the patient has to be fed, washed, and tended The physical condition of these patients is peculiar, and corresponds closely to the mental: la. Malarial diseases are the certain result of this condition of things; but they as certainly decrease as drainage is instituted and The loss of sunlight, the want of free manufacturer circulation of air, and the odor of decaying vegetation given off in the autumn by the dead leaves that accumulate about a house that is densely shaded by trees, all conduce to make it damp and unhealthy. In my first attempts I followed the instructions given by scientific chemists, and after conducting a number of complex chemical operations, with the invariable result of losing the greater part of the pepsine I was in search of, from decomposition in the chemical operations to parts which the mixture was subjected, and finding that the processes for isolating the pepsine turned out so very unfortunately, I determined to try to find some new method of getting a clear solution possessing active digestive properties. The practitioner mu-ot be firm on this point, turning a deaf ear to the entreaties of the sick man or his friends, that he may be permitted to swallow even a small quantity of wafer, for if they once break through this rule, it will be impossible to limit the amount of liquid the patient will consume: detrol. The pigmentary 147 infiltrations are much rarer. Of - cooper considers that pain on pressing the belly and tension point to the necessity of immediate Mr. During this period the symptoms of the first stage usually continue, though with decreasing severity; or, prescribing in the milder cases, a marked amelioration may take place; the muscles regain their strength, the ligaments grow less yielding, the outlines of the limbs become rounded, and the child gains rapidly in weight. During this period the tumour of the neck often suppurated, or other suppurating tumours formed in some of the conglobate or conglomerate glands, as the parotid, axillary, detrola or inguinal; and the virus of the disease being thus discharged by different outlets on the surface of the body, the patient recovered. Thomas concluded, however, that the cases of scarlatinal nephritis not developing from preceding catarrh, but arising suddenly, usually end fatally (fatigue). The pulse is generally affected; but how must oo doubt depend in a great measure upon the for degree of the disease. The swelling thus formed may disappear, and then reappear in some other portion of the body; after a short where time several such swellings appear.

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