Dezful County

Dezful County

Dezful city is one of the cities of Khuzestan Province, with an area of 4762 square kilometers, situated in southwestern Iran. The city is bounded from north to Lorestan Province, from west and northwest to Andimeshk city, from the east to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, from the southeastern to the Masjed Soleyman County, from south to Shushtar County and Gotvand County and from the southwest to the city of Susa.

Dezful County          Dezful County

According to the latest census, Dezful County has 423971 inhabitants and is the second most populous city in Khuzestan. The city’s population consists of different ethnicities including Lurs, Bakhtiari, Dezfuli and Arab minorities, Turkish, Kurdish and several other ethnic groups.

Dezful County          Dezful County

The Dezful County has Mediterranean winters and autumn. The city attracts many tourists throughout the year, especially in the days of Norouz, due to its beautiful hillside and mountainous wildlife ecosystem. A study of a weather period indicates that the minimum temperature in the city of Dezful is 19.2 degrees and the maximum is 45.6 degrees Celsius. The existence of the Dez River in the city has caused the city to possess fertile lands. The Dez River flows a few kilometers from Dezful to the Karun River, which is one of the rivers in the Khuzestan Province, and Dezful is named after this river.

Dezful County

Among the attractions of the Dezful County, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Shevi Waterfall which is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iran, is located in the Zagros Mountains and in Sardasht area of Dezful.
  2. The Salon mountain is another natural attraction of Dezful which is located in Sardasht and north of Dezful. In addition to its natural attractions such as the plain of converse tulips, caves and springs, it provides a good place for mountaineering enthusiasts.
  3. Another attraction of Dezful County is Dez National Park. The presence of rich wildlife along with beautiful scenery such as river and wetland has made this area one of the most important perspectives of Khuzestan Province.

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