300 - alcoholic stimulants should be recommended, if at all, with great reserve, lest the patient take advaDtige freely than prudence warrants.

Harrell Jr., JACKSON PLANT counter CITY: Madison R. Adequate hydration and urinary output were maintained by intravenous fluids and electrolytes for the five or six days. Chronic cases in children function and young adults are rare. The paralyzed members are less developed sleep than pothers. It is ordinarily indicated rather than resection in the large joints if the patient is pronouncedly anaemic, also where a tubercular abscess has perforated the capsule and the surrounding tissues have become infiltrated: dhea.

So that, whatever may now be done toward establishing a library at Rush, such effort will ncaa merely supplement the later efforts of the college authorities.

It is evidently better that the jieriud should life be needlodf revaceinate witljout regard to previous vaccinations, Ke. BlVISfON or HFALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY"It is understood that the Society is not to be considered as endorsing all the views and opinions of authors of papers published in the Transactions of THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF JSTOKTH CAKOLINA months THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA ROSTER OF MEMBERS OF THE VARIOUS BOARDS OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA' Resigned before expiration of term. Tablets - there has been a great"hubbub" over the matter of using propri etary medicines. Je - the bactericidal power of hi Iserum i- do Longer a mere theory, bul a recognized scientific fact.

The brown portions result from pigmentary changes in hormone ood-extravasations. I opened the abdomen and took out the tumor and left the uterus (osteoporosis). His words are cherished "75" in the memory, and at the moment when the gates of death are opening to receive that which is mortal, the faithful physician is found by the bedside in the humblest cottage and the grandest palace.

It was noted that their efforts to establish a new fee schedule so far have been unsuccessful as a result of their inability to secure copies of the menopause schedule from the Veterans Administration. Be sure to register your name with the various high representatives who are exhibiting. TWO MEPROSPAN CAPSULES AT BEDTIME PROVIDE levels UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. Polskin of Lakeland addressed the mg Subsection of the American Chemical Society meeting at the Lake Alfred Citrus Experiment Station the middle of May on the biochemistry of to the science classes of Kathleen High School The American College of Gastroenterology announces that its annual course in postgraduate gastroenterology will be given at The Somerset The course will again be under the direction and chairmanship of Dr.


This is such a serious objection to so many forceps that lately the writer has advised the"mouse-tooth" variety: creme. Nevertheless, in carefully selected cases, radioactive iodine too offers relief that often is most welcome to a patient worn out by pain. The right kidney, mildy hydronephrotic before the ureterocele was kidney excised, regained normal pyelographic ureteroceles with severe obstruction of the left side.

According to testimony given at recent hearings of the cvs New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Narcotic Study, addicts wishing to voluntarily undergo drug withdrawal have no available facility in the New York voluntary patients. Procaine or for Pronestyl, or even quinidine may be given intravenously. The interstitial tissue is at the same half time increased in amoiul, ajid may contain some fat-cells.

Gould's home in the Laboratory building to the Church of the Epiphany, where the services were held, the rector, Dr: capsules. XXVI THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Carolina and male the State Board of Health. It is of maximum importance not to procrastinate just to see whether or "over" not gangrene will supervene.

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