Dorud County

Dorud County

Dorud is a city in the east of Lorestan province and the capital of Dorud county. The area of ​​Dorud is 1326 square kilometers, which contains 7.4 percent of Lorestan territory.

Dorud County          Dorud County

From the north, The city is enclosed to the cities of Sarband, from the northwest to Borujerd, from the east to the Azna, from the south to the Aligudarz and from the west to the city of Khorramabad.

According to the census of the Iranian Statistical Center, the population of the city of Doroud in 2011 was 162,800. Of these, 100, 977 people live in urban areas, and the rest are inhabited in rural areas.

Dorud County          Dorud County

Dorud has a temperate mountainous climate, with an average annual rainfall of 670 mm. Unlike other cities of Lorestan, Doroud city has a very small history.

The history of the city dates back to about 130 years. Due to the geographical location of the city of Drood, it can be called a separator of Bakhtiari and Lorestani races.

Dorud County

This city was part of Borujerd until 1989. Doroud is located in the mountain range of the Babahur of Zagros mountain range and near Oshtorankuh. Two branches of the Dez river, one from the north, called Tireh, and one from the eastern part, called Maribah, join together in Dorud and form the river of Sezar which is the main source of the Dez river. This is the dividing line of the Lorestan and Bakhtiari section in the country.

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