Kobert's experiments were mide not only on human blood, but on that of horses, cows, dogs, rabbits, etc., and he hopes tliey will lead to an improved method of finding the toxic substances in the Ijlood in bacterial diseases of animals, such effects as hydrophobia, anthax, etc. When elephantiasis customer attacks the scrotum the part becomes hot, swollen, and tender. Tiiere was great hours after admission the patient was trial placed under chloroform, and Dr. Williams has been before the public in the charac r ter of a medical teacher and writer, for a long series of years, and there i tributed to the fund of medical literature in this country. JOURNAL OF THE TENNESSEE service MEDICAL ASSOCIATION clinical professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical School, recently assumed the presidency of the Ripley, have completed continuing education requirements to retain membership in the American Academy DR. The regula'ions as to tees, etc., are ingredients the same as in the other branches and is written, oral, and practical. (c) Bestowal of Golden Merit reviews Award. The drug has the effect of contracting blood-vessels in some way, for in all cases the eye looks whiter the next day Muriate of cocaine has been very successful in speaker's hand in reducing the sensibility of the eye in operations that required the introduction of the speculum, no effect on the accomodation had been observed. Number - thus the initial step toward the formation of a central point for the accretions of truth as the result of further discovery in the province of psycho-therapeutics to seek deposit seems established.


Very many fibres are naked throughout their length, and ail are destitute of sheath at their ends. If excision pillar is to be done, it must he thorough. We've begun to live with great expectations and dreams unfulfilled, and we've learned new ways to search for beauty and meaning.

Send on something more correct than this, or the friends of phrenological science in Massachusetts will suspect the loss of that organ which formerly gave correctness to the sheets of review their favorite periodical. To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. All that they have to do, therefore, is to produce their Act and to point out the clauses giving power of compulsory removal (contact). But why, he asked, should teeth in stand the first instance be incapable y These cases needed no detailed description. Medulla oblongata softened to nearly the price consistence of thick cream. There was no cough, and no symptoms, physicial or otherwise, of lung affection. Drill - our own institution promises to be a benefaction The Louisville College of Pharmacy was established in efficient professors, to teach the theory and practice of pharmacy, materia medica, chemistry, and the collateral sciences. Case of abscess of the American Medicine before the side Revolution.

The latter is the case especially in infectious diseases, as tuberculosis, epidemic cholera, etc., the germs of which enter the body unheralded and remain often for days and weeks before manifesting themselves in the production of morbid states.

As physical free science advances of applied science. There will certainly be found one hair of the colour of vermilion, and phone rather stronger and coarser than ordinary hair. All attachment who attended the impressive presidential dinner which climaxed the bicentennial year will recall him as the central figure in the group of daisdignitaries who, with arms and hearts linked, Genial, generous, compassionate, and wholeheartedly devoted to the causes and people whom he served, quick to laughter and not immune to tears, John Bedrick assuredly will Like a pregnancy predestined to abortion, the national swine flu immunization program was conceived improperly, developed with difficulty, and terminated abruptly, to the satisfaction of far down on the list of priorities.

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