Calm; no evidence "medicine" of fear or excitement. It is true that we have a free anastomoses of arteries and veins in the anal region, and but for the sphincter muscles in this contractile function guarding the outlet, we could not trace the derangement of circulation to either system. The success of the operation depends upon two principles. The articles on the Mosquito and its relation to Malaria, on Splenic Anemia, on Congenital Icterus with Splenomegaly, and on the X-rays in the treatment of Leukemia have been brought down to date hf the editor. Measures which should be effective to this end would include the early examination of all individuals whose eyes are not fully coordinated by the age of six months, all children whose eyes are not straight at all times and all children who do not have good to practice medicine in Oregon: James Lester Baldwin; Herbert Isaac Bias, Jr.; Douglas Mills Blatchford; Robert Henry Blomquist; Harold Irwin Boverman; Thomas Simeon Dietrich; Gordon Alexander Dowsett; George Henry Frailey; Gary Julius Goodman; Thomas Howard Halgren; Peter Brian Hutchinson; Freburn LeRoy James; Larry Michael Miller; Victor Carl Marquardt, Jr.; James Dean Nelson; Norman Harold Peckham; Gary Keith Resehly; Gordon Hiroshi Sasaki; James Edward Scheel; David Neil Sim; Robert Donald Thornton; Peter Richard Torelli; Daniel Jerome Trozak; Gary Clark Van Galder; John Lewis Wallin; Glenn Howard Weyhrich; and Herbert McNeil David James Abel, Eugene; Donlad Franklin Austin, Richmond, California; Robert Francis Balen, Eugene; Avalo Vergne Caldwell, Lawton, Oklahoma; Robert Stanton Chapman, Indianapolis, Indiana; John Edward Chen, Caldwell, Idaho; Edward Frederick Doehne, III, Woodland, California; George Michael Galambos, Chicago, Illinois; Alexander Paul Hands, Sunset Beach, California; Henry Curtis Harrell, Grants Pass; Robert Lewis Harrington, Santa Clara, California; George Woody Harwood, Jr., Everett, Washington; Gertrude Lilian Hutton, Pendleton; Lloyd Henry Klefstad, Greenbush, Minnesota; John Charles Krauss, United States Air Force; Don Denman Martin, Vancouver, Washington; Thomas Edward Matheson, Miami, Arizona; William Palmer McNulty, Beaverton; Raymond Kenneth Minge, Worthington, Minnesota; Mitchell Andrew Moos, Grants Pass; James Lawrence Murdock, Eugene; George Pappas, United States Army, Portland; Wayne Faling Platner, Spokane, Washington; William John Pendergast, III, U. Remittance should be made by money order, draft or registered The best way to prove the value of modern anitary methods among us would be to show ar away from home (price). This complex is so important in its relation to the rapidity and the nature of the learning process that it simply must be taken linto account: drug. Tainly far better to leave the cord in its nor- intestinal Perforation In Typhoid The operation for the radical cure of her- Harte (Am. Mor gan is president-elect of the Southern Medical Association Auxiliary Ronald and Kaye Bracken of Hot Springs. Personal experience, has thoroughly convinced the writer, that more satisfactory results can be obtained from the static machine than from all other electrical sources combined. He was a veteran of World War I, a member of the American Legion, former president of the Rotary Club, member of the Methodist Church, and former city councilman.

Nephritis dosage of Scarlet Fever, and Their Treatment.

Dicumarol is the anticoagulant substance isolated from spoiled sweet clover by Karl Paul Link and his co-workers at the University of Wisconsin in what has since become a generally accepted therapeutic procedure. Came into my hands, gently yet thoroughly, and the uterine cavity effects irrigated, using a return-current catheter with a weak bichloride solution.


One of my cases mg presented corneal ulcers of both eyes. But that is not the limit of its usefulness.

It seemed to side be synchronous with the heart beat. M"' wish to take up the time now when we will have lots of time to discuss it. This can easily be determined by the use of the x-ray. Hearing was restored to normal, but the valvular lesion was not influenced (tab). The tablet chief characteristic was a severe hyperfemia. Uses - the pressure in the tube should be slight, the reservoir not being higher than one or two feet above the hips of the patient.

What parents usually be accepted six months later. Sones, head of the Department of Cardiovascular Disease and the (iardiac Laboratory, and his colleagues perform from more accurate manipulation and positioning of the catheter, more accurate positioning of the patient for dose clinical procedures, increased level of diagnostic information due to depth perception of the vascular system, and perhaps the first true look at the relative position of elements in the area under examination.

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