This ancient city (Ecbatana) is the first capital of Iran, along with Athens in Greece and Rome in Italy, is one of the few ancient cities in the world that remains alive and important. Herodotus considers the city built by Diaco and has said that it had seven walls, each of them was by a color of a different planet.

The Encyclopedia of Iranica mentions the founding of Med in 708 BC, to Ecbatana’s centrality and by  Diaco. Due to the strategic location and resources of Ecbatana, the site was probably occupied before the first millennium BC, although there is no historical and archaeological evidence in this regard. According to Herodotus, Ecbatana was chosen by Diaco in the late 8th century BC as the capital of the Medes.


In archaeological excavations of recent years in the Ecbatana hill, the location of the palaces and buildings mentioned has been located on the present Ecbatana hill. Also, the exploration continued to reveal parts of the city’s huge fence with a diameter of 9 meters and a height of 8 meters. This fence at certain intervals has huge towers, which included the old Ecbatana

Among the features of the ancient city of Ecbatana is the architecture and design of the city, which is unmatched among the ancient works that have been obtained so far. The discovered works indicate a regular and advanced water supply network in the Median and Parthian cities. In the intervals between the water channels, there were passageways of 3.5 meters wide, and the floor of the passageways were entirely covered with square and regular bricks. Researches have shown that there are two series of building blocks within 35 meters between the passageways, each containing a central courtyard (Hall).


In general, over the past 100 years, archaeologists from Iran and abroad have repeatedly excavated the hill. Meanwhile, during excavations, valuable and unique monuments have been discovered, often belonging to the Achaemenid era and their ancestors.

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