The circumference of the cardiac section being the larger was first somewhat reduced by suture and the free margins were united. In view of the moderate degree of the deformity I have seen other similar cases in which a diagnosis of sprain had been made. Time was, when this most important and interesting pathological fact was unknown Not to advert more particularly to the occasional displacement of the lime phosphates, I now come to the more important matter, upon which I here more especially desire to insist, and which I claim to have first determined. There is no unnatural heat of skin; the pulse is seldom above the natural standard; the urine is side scanty; heart, with costiveness, blanched conjunctivae, flabbiness and paleness of the tongue, and whiteness underneath the nails. John, New Brunswici; Caasins WiUdnson Belton, London, Ontario; James Menzies, Aherfeldy (ejacumax). Chancellor, Ladies and Gentlemen, My brethren in the Medical Faculty having this year appointed me to deliver to our graduating class the usual closing words of advice given on such occasions as this, it has become my duty and privilege to address them for the last time, imparting such counsel as may be required to guide them in the future, and stating some of the obligations Graduates in Medicine, in the name of thoMedical Faculty of Bishop's College, I present you now their most sincere congratulations for the successful manner in which you have arrived studies. The substance of all others found most effects beneficial has been cod-liver oil. One cardinal principle must obtain, and that is, having decided the best position for the limb, to use that splint, whether internal or external, anterior or posterior, dorsal, palmar, or lateral, that best holds the fragments in the desired position, and no preconceived notion should make us use a certain form of splint when another will better fulfil the indication. James Luke, formerly of the London Hospital, a man of "work" high surgical note in my earlier days, twice President of the Koyal College of Surgeons, of wliich he became a member sixty years ago, member of the Council, and Examiner, died at the crood old age of eighty-two. They are particularly liable to induce the piles. On three occasions, in.adult males, I have been obliged to remove the urine, for the purpose strument passed with the utmost facility, and, on withdrawing the stylet, the urine flowed in a sluggish, powerless stream, and there was little or no indication of any contractile power behind it.

This distinguished man, a Doctor eminent practitioner in Florence, at a period when, was doing the most for science; for as Bologna turned to law Padua turned to humanism and philosophy. As one form is not shorter than the other, no real principle is at stake, and one may follow HEREDITY AS A FACTOR IN DISEASE.

Previous to his illness he could say" Papa" and" Mamma,"" Yes" and" No" distinctly. Subsequently, testimonials all the wounded were placed in boats and carefully towed down the canal to Kassassin. - The subject of the letter shall be hmifhr ttnder the notice of the President of Council! remedies usually tried in such cases with an average amount oi success. Hemorrhage into the Ventricles cannot in some cases be distinguished from arachnoid extravasation, or in others from effusion into the cerebral substance only, especially when in the vicinity of the ventricles.

The written examination comprises general Anatomy and Physiology, and general Pathology and reviews Surgery, with especial reference to the practice of the dental profession. Nevertheless, upon either side there is a marked contrast of hue between the diseased patches and the adjacent normal integument.

These afiections are always greatest when the stomach is It is now generally believed that gout is hereditary, and ingredients in many instances it is so, whether the intemperate habits of ancestors are followed out or whether the mode of living be abstemious. It is possible that this milk-powder, which furnishes excellent results in pills gastric affections, may also prove very useful in Bright's disease, cardiac affections, and all cases in which a milk regimen is employed. Croton oil, though excellent as a stimulus, is objectionable on account of the irritation it often causes, and which sometimes extends to the eyelids and the face. The non-portability of the gas in sufficient quantities, the lack of apparatus fit to use for a purpose so serious, and the inconvenience in handling such apparatus as was afforded, were well calculated to turn the attention of the profession in other directions.


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