El-Gölü or Shah Gölü is one of the most important walkways in the city of Tabriz, located in the south-east, 7 km from the city center. Shah Gölü means “Shah’s Pool”. The Gölü in Turkish means pool. The construction of this pool is related to the time of the kings of Agh Qoyunlu and its development to Safavid times.


Before the safavids, the Shah Gölü of Tabriz was the largest reservoir for irrigation of the gardens of the eastern parts of Tabriz to the gates of Tehran and the Tapali Bagh. During the reign of the Safavids, all the sand and debris in the interior part of the current lake were Evacuated and a stone wall was dragged around.


El-Gölü Lake with an area of 5.5 hectares, has a capacity of 720000 cubic meters of water. The lake, due to its magnitude, has been called Shah Gölü (the Great Lake), which after the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been renamed to El-Gölü, means the Lake of the People. One of the branches of the Liqvan River, which passes through the Chavan village, flows into the southeast of the El-Gölü Lake in a small stream and provides water.

A Fairly tall hill is located in the southern part of the El-Gölü Lake, which has been planted and numerous artificial waterfalls have been built which flowing from the hill into the lake. Also, from the southern side of the lake to its center and the site of the El-Gölü Palace, a street has been built that has made the pavilion as a peninsula.


This lake presents itself during winter with a beautiful view of ice and water. When the lake is frozen, the fish that live in this water can not reach the surface of the water, and for this reason, their growth become slow. The depth of the lake is 12 m deep. There is also a playground (Luna Park of Tabriz) as well as several inns inside the walkway.

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